5 Best Serial Killer Web Series: Stay Awake with These 5 Thrilling Web Series – You Won’t dare to Pause!

5 Best Serial Killer Web Series: The vast OTT platforms offer web series across different genres such as romance, comedy, action, and thriller. However, if suspense and crime lure you, we’ve handpicked some standout series and movies steeped in the chilling narratives of serial killers. Delve into these intense stories that are destined to keep you on the edge of your seat, transforming your calm nights into sleepless ones.

5 Best Serial Killer Web Series

TitleRelease YearPlatformLanguageEpisodes
Indian Predator2023NetflixMultiple3
Posham Pa2019ZEE5HindiN/A
The Hunt For Veerappan2023NetflixMultiple4
Auto Shankar2019ZEE5Tamil10

Indian Predator: The Diary of a Serial Killer

Indian Predator: The Diary of a Serial Killer” is a gripping documentary, available for streaming on Netflix, that presents the chilling narrative of a man responsible for the deaths of 14 individuals. This dangerous man committed heinous acts, which included boiling the brains of his victims before consuming them, and mutilating others into pieces.

5 Best Serial Killer Web Series

This captivating series is concise yet powerful, comprising just three episodes with a runtime of 40 minutes each. The documentary has been made accessible in 10 different languages and intriguingly explores the lives of three distinctive characters: a remorseless killer, a disturbing cannibal, and a formidable king.

Posham Pa

5 Best Serial Killer Web Series

The 2019 web series ‘Posham Pa’ stars Sayani Gupta, Ragini Khanna, and Mahie Gill in the lead roles. This riveting tale is inspired by a true incident and follows the disturbing narrative of two sisters from Maharashtra charged with the kidnapping of 40 children, 12 of whom were sadly murdered. ‘Posham Pa’ can be streamed on ZEE5.


5 Best Serial Killer Web Series

The critically acclaimed web series, “Abhay,” starring Kunal Khemu and Vijay Raj, first premiered in 2019. This crime drama has captivated audiences with its three seasons to date. The gripping story centers around a serial killer who justifies his brutal acts as a means to achieve salvation and liberate souls. For those interested in delving into this thrilling narrative, the series is available for streaming on ZEE5.

The Hunt For Veerappan

5 Best Serial Killer Web Series

“The Hunt for Veerappan”, a documentary series available on Netflix, offers an in-depth exploration of Veerappan’s life in a four-part series. It provides a comprehensive depiction of the events that occurred from Veerappan’s early years up to his demise.

You may have encountered numerous tales about Veerappan, however, this series delves into how he transitioned from legend to reality. It details how he managed to inflict fatalities among the police ranks. The series will grip you with its depiction of Veerappan’s brutal end, drawing attention to the lingering uncertainties that surround his death, even to this day.

Auto Shankar

5 Best Serial Killer Web Series

You can watch the captivating web series “Auto Shankar” on Zee5, which is composed of 10 riveting episodes. The narrative unfolds the saga of Shankar, an auto driver in Chennai, who descends into a life of crime as a serial killer between the years 1985 and 1995.

Touted as a chilling horror tale, “Auto Shankar” serves as a harrowing reminder that there’s seemingly no limit to the depths of cruelty and violence one can plunge into.

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Frequently Asked Questions about 5 Best Serial Killer Web Series

What are the top 5 Indian serial killer web series?

These include “Sacred Games”, “Delhi Crime”, “Breathe”, “Criminal Justice”, and “Typewriter”. Each provides a thrilling narration blended with complex characters and mindboggling crime scenes.

Where can I stream these serial killer web series?

Most of them are available on popular streaming platforms like Netflix (Sacred Games, Delhi Crime, Typewriter) and Amazon Prime Video (Breathe, Criminal Justice).

Would you recommend any other Indian web series similar to these?

Apart from these, “Mirzapur” and “Paatal Lok” on Amazon Prime Video and “Asur” on Voot Select are also gripping Indian crime thrillers.

How does Indian crime web series differ from western ones?

Indian serial killer web series often incorporate elements of local social and political issues, making them uniquely thought-provoking, deeply rooted in Indian culture and scenarios compared to western series.

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