Aashka Goradia Success Story: How This Actress Turned into An Entrepreneur and Built Rs 800 Cr Business in 2 Years!

Aashka Goradia’s Success Transition from TV to Business( Aashka Goradia Success Story): Every year, a fresh crop of actors enters the thriving industries of Bollywood and television. But only the fortunate few earn significant success—many have to find alternative means of income.

There are numerous stories of triumph wherein students created multimillion-dollar companies or individuals found colossal success in later stages of life. Today, we bring to you a unique success story of transition from acting to entrepreneurship.

We’re featuring Aashka Goradia, a well-regarded actress known for her numerous roles on television. However, she has since swapped the spotlight’s glare for a different kind of success. Aashka has decided to pivot from acting career to the intense world of business, and her decision has resulted in creating a company now valued in millions.

Took a break from acting and started her own business: Aashka Goradia Success Story
Took a break from acting and started her own business: Aashka Goradia Success Story

In this story, you’ll learn about Aashka Goradia’s successful entrepreneurial journey as she forgoes acting to build a multi-million-dollar business empire.

Took a break from acting and started her own business: Aashka Goradia Success Story

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Aashka Goradia is a popular TV serial actress, who said goodbye to her acting career in the year 2019 and joined the world of business. Aashka wanted to start her own business for a long time, so she left acting and started Renee Cosmetics company with her college friends Ashutosh Valani and Priyank Shah.

Aashka’s significant achievements resided not in acting, but in her entrepreneurial journey. Her business venture, Renee Cosmetics, saw her launching a multitude of admired cosmetic products. This rapid success is a testament to why Aashka Goradia rose to prominence swiftly.

Created a company worth Rs 800 crore in just two years

In 2020, Aashka Goradia, along with her friends, launched Renee Cosmetics and managed to generate an impressive income from the very start. Remarkably, within just two years, the company’s valuation soared to $100 million (approximately Rs 800 crore).

DNA reports cite Priyank Shah, an associate of Renee Cosmetics, stating that the company’s revenue target for 2024 is pegged around Rs 400 crore. Currently, the company has a comprehensive product line exceeding 200 cosmetics items.

Renee Cosmetics distributes its products through both online and offline avenues. Online, the products can be found on various platforms including Amazon, Flipkart, and Nykaa. In the offline market, the products are available in more than 600 stores nationwide.

Renee Cosmetics Funding Report

Aashka’s venture has successfully procured financial backing from startup investors to scale her enterprise. Specifically, Renee Cosmetics, thus far, has raised approximately $36 million from investors spread across four funding rounds.

Regarding the company’s current valuation, Renee Cosmetics is presently worth about $100 million more. Moreover, it generates a significant profit annually, amounting to millions of rupees.

Aashka Goradia Success Story Overview

Today, Aashka is more successful in business than in acting. Many Bollywood and television actresses aren’t able to earn as much as she does.

NameAashka Goradia
BackgroundStarted career as a child actress in TV shows, including “Achanak 37 Saal Baad”
TV Shows– Bhabhi – Tum Bin Jaaoon Kahaan – Kayaamat – Kkusum – Laagi Tujhse Lagan – Daayan
Career ShiftStarted her own production company in 2016
Entrepreneurial VentureEstablished Renee Cosmetics in 2019
Product LineCosmetic and skincare brand offering makeup products and accessories
Brand HeadquartersAhmedabad, India
Company Size50 employees, small number of partners
Success Factors– Emphasis on diverse skill sets in hiring – High-quality products – Strong branding
Support SystemFamily and friends provided crucial support for her entrepreneurial journey
Aashka Goradia Success Story Overview

Aashka Goradia Success Story Interview

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