Best Cat Hashtags for Instagram 2024 – Trendy #cat Lover

If there’s one thing Instagram loves more than food pics and selfies, it’s cats! The furry felines have been ruling the internet since it’s inception, and their reign doesn’t seem like it’ll end anytime soon. Each day, countless cat owners and fans alike share their favorite cat pictures and videos, resulting in a vibrant and ever-growing community of cat lovers on Instagram (Cat Hashtags for Instagram). But if you’re posting cat content, how do you ensure your images catch the attention they deserve in this wave of kitten cuteness? With the right hashtags, of course!

Looking to boost your Instagram engagement and rake in some more likes? We’ve curated a list of the Best Cat Hashtags for Instagram to use in your upcoming posts. So, let’s dive right in!

This list includes simple and common Cat Hashtags for Instagram that have the widest possible reach. Generally, these rack up millions of posts and provide a broad platform for your feline friends.

  • #cat
  • #cats
  • #catsofinstagram
  • #catstagram
  • #kitten
  • #kittens
  • #kittensofinstagram
  • #CatLovers
  • #CatsLife
  • #CatWorld
  • #CatLove
  • #ILoveMyCat
  • #CatsOfIG
  • #Catstagram
  • #InstaCat
  • #CatLover
  • #meow

2. The Cat Breed Specific Hashtags

These hashtags are perfect for cat breeders or owners who want their posts to reach specific audiences searching for a particular breed.

  • #BengalCat
  • #SphynxCat
  • #MaineCoon
  • #SiameseCat
  • #PersianCat

3. Cat Behavior Hashtags

These cute tags encapsulate much-loved feline behaviors, and you know there’s a huge crowd loving them and searching for these.

  • #CatNap
  • #KittenPlay
  • #CatPaws
  • #CatEyes
  • #CatKisses

4. Cat Lover Community Hashtags

Your posts will resonate with these communities who share and appreciate similar content.

  • #CatLoversClub
  • #Catloversworld
  • #CatsOfTheWorld
  • #CatFeaturesDaily

5. Quirky and Fun Hashtags for Cats

  1. #SassyCats
  2. #CatsDoingThings
  3. #CatConversations
  4. #IfIFitsISits
  5. #PurrfectPaws
  6. #Meownificent
  7. #FluffyFursday
  8. #NotAModel
  9. #JustWokeUp

Get creative and make your captions intriguing. These quirky hashtags pack a powerful punch and can result in epic engagement.

6. Cat Influencers Hashtags

Influencers are the new celebrities of Instagram, and cats are no different. Here are the hashtags of top cat influencers of 2024 to join in:

  1. #NalaCat
  2. #GrumpyCat
  3. #LilBub
  4. #HamiltonTheHipsterCat

Last but not least, as we approach 2024, here are some of the trending cat hashtags instagram that users can’t seem to get enough of this year!

  • #CatsInCostumes
  • #UpsideDownCats
  • #CatsOfCities
  • #CatsAndTech
  • #SustainableCatLife

Why Are Cat Hashtags Important?

Using the right Instagram hashtags can expose your content to a larger and more targeted audience. Simply put, they are a powerful tool to get discovered, increase engagement, and make your content more discoverable by users who are not following you already.

Helpful Tips for Using Hashtags on Instagram

While we’re all excited about using these best cat hashtags for Instagram in 2024, here are a few tips for optimal results:

  • Avoid Overstuffing: Though you can use up to 30 hashtags, engagement tends to drop off after 10.
  • Mix It Up: Keep your posts fresh by using a mix of trending, top, and niche hashtags.
  • Engage With Others: To gain visibility, engage with other posts under these hashtags. This method is a proven way to build genuine connections.
  • Use Relevant Hashtags: Make sure that your hashtags marry up with the visuals and captions of your posts.

A few extra tips to gain momentum: Make sure your account is public — a private account restricts your reach. Also, using too many hashtags can seem spammy, so stick to a handful that are relevant. Don’t forget to engage by liking and commenting on other posts under the same hashtag.

As a cat lover, embracing these trendy cat hashtags for Instagram in 2024 will give your feline posts a purr-fect exposure. Happy posting!

Sure, here are some popular cat hashtags that can be used for Instagram. These can be best suited for cute, funny, or adorable cat pictures or videos that you want to share.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cat Hashtags for Instagram

What are Cat Hashtags for Instagram?

Cat Hashtags for Instagram are specific keywords preceded by a “#”, that are used to categorize or theme content related to cats. This aids Instagram’s algorithm in content discovery and grouping.

How can I use Cat Hashtags effectively?

To use Cat Hashtags effectively, always include them in your post captions or comments. Mix popular general tags (like #cats, or #catsofinstagram) with more unique, specific ones (like #blackcats or #kittenplay) to increase your content reach.

What are some popular Cat Hashtags?

Some popular Cat Hashtags include #catsofinstagram, #catstagram, #kitten, #meow, #catlover, #instacat, #catlife, #catlove, #pets, and #animal. However, popularity can change so always stay informed.

What is the maximum number of Cat Hashtags to use per post?

Instagram allows for a maximum of 30 hashtags per post. However, overuse can appear as spam to followers. Best practice is to use between 5 to 10 relevant and mixed hashtags in each post.

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