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The festival of Onam, celebrated with great fanfare in Kerala, India, has turned digital, thanks to the internet era. People from across the globe share the joyous moments of Onam through various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and YouTube Shorts. Among these, #Onam-related hashtags have a special place, making it easier to access all #Onam related posts in one place. Let’s explore the popular Onam hashtags for Instagram, Twitter for 2024 and modus operandi behind the rise of these hashtags!

Understanding Onam and Hashtags

Onam is a significant annual event in India’s cultural calendar. A ten-day state festival of Kerala, Onam is a celebration of life, culture, and heritage, involving opulent feasts and games.

Hashtags, on the other hand, are terms or phrases preceded by the “#” symbol in social media posts. These hashtags categorize content, making it easily discoverable for users who are interested in particular topics.

Onam Hashtags

  • #HappyOnam
  • #Onam2024
  • #OnamFestival
  • #OnamWishes
  • #OnamCelelbration
  • #Pookalam
  • #OnamSadhya
  • #OnamSpecial
  • #OnamVibes
  • #OnamMasti
  • #OnamWithFamily
  • #OnamInKerala
  • #IncredibleIndia
  • #OnamGreetings
  • #HarvestFestival
  • #CultureOfKerala
  • #KingMahabali
  • #CelebrateOnam
  • #BoatRace
  • #OnamColors
  • #Thiruonam
  • #OnamPookalam
  • #OnamMemories
  • #OnamFlowers
  • #KeralaFestival
  • #OnamPhotography
  • #IndianFestival
  • #OnamDance
  • #OnamFood
  • #OnamDays

Onam Hashtags for Instagram

  1. #Onam
  2. #Kerala
  3. #OnamCelebration
  4. #OnamSpecial
  5. #HappyOnam
  6. #India
  7. #OnamVibes
  8. #OnamSaree
  9. #KeralaGram
  10. #Malayali

Onam Hashtags for Reels

  • #onam
  • #onamcelebration
  • #onamspecial
  • #happyonam
  • #onamvibes
  • #onamsaree
  • #onamfestival
  • #kerala
  • #india
  • #festival

Onam Hashtags for Twitter

  • #Onam2024
  • #OnamFestival
  • #Kerala
  • #OnamCelebration
  • #OnamSpecial
  • #HappyOnam
  • #OnamVibes
  • #OnamSaree
  • #KeralaGram
  • #KeralaTourism
  • #KeralaGodsOwnCountry
  • #OnamSadhyaya
  • #OnamCollection
  • #Malayali

Onam Hashtags for TikTok

  • #onam
  • #kerala
  • #onamcelebration
  • #keralagram
  • #onamspecial
  • #happyonam
  • #onamfestival
  • #onamvibes
  • #onamsaree

Onam Hashtags for YouTube Shorts

  • #Onam
  • #OnamCelebration
  • #KeralaFestival
  • #TraditionalOnam
  • #MalluOnam
  • #MalayalamOnam
  • #KochiOnam
  • #MalayaliOnam
  • #Keralatourism
  • #SareeOnam

The Popularity of Onam Hashtags

While the importance of Onam in Kerala’s culture is evident, the rise of digital platforms has further amplified the celebration. All the vibrant colors, grand feasts, and intricate floral arrangements have found their way into Instagram feeds and Twitter threads.

  1. #Onam2024: The year-specific Onam hashtag is arguably the simplest and popular one. This filters the photos, videos, and posts specific to the year, helping to encapsulate the celebration’s ethos uniquely.
  2. #Pookalam: Pookalam, an elaborate floral pattern, is pivotal to Onam celebrations. Pictures of these vibrant designs captioned with this hashtag garner significant attention.
  3. #OnamSadhya: Onam is equally about feasts as it is about festivities. Onam Sadhya refers to the grand feast served on banana leaves, a visual delight often expressed with this hashtag.
  4. #OnamVibes: The Onam mood is infectious, and this hashtag is perfect for all posts reflecting the festive spirit.
  5. #OnamFestival: This is a universal Onam hashtag used widely across Instagram and Twitter. It’s perfect for all things Onam – from festivities to traditional attires!

Why Use Hashtags for Onam?

Hashtags are powerful tools to increase engagement and visibility. They act as keywords that allow people to find your content on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Using the right Onam hashtag can secure your posts’ relevance and visibility in themed content pools.

Creating Custom Onam Hashtag

Besides using popular hashtags, creating your own unique Onam hashtag could also contribute to a successful social media campaign. Ensure it’s catchy, easy to remember, and related to Onam celebrations. This could be a fun wordplay or a simple branded tag, for example, #OnamBlast2024 or #YourBrandOnamWishes.

Proper Use of Onam Hashtag

While it’s important to use Onam hashtag, you should remain mindful of how to use them properly. Here are a few best practices:

  • Don’t Overload: An overload of hashtags can look spammy. Stick to a relevant few.
  • Place Them Correctly: Hashtags can go at the end of the post or be integrated into the post content.
  • Check the Hashtag’s Usage: Before using a hashtag, search for it on your platform to ensure its context fits with your post.

Reasons Behind The Rise Of These Hashtags

Onam hashtag have seen a consistent rise, and the reasons behind this trend are multi-fold:

  • Ease of Access: Hashtags categorize posts systematically, making it easier to access content related to a specific topic or event, amplifying social media’s strategic role in documenting and digitizing traditions.
  • Cultural Exchange: Hashtags turn global platforms into cultural exchange fairs, where people from different parts of the world engage, share, and understand Onam’s nuances.
  • Brand Engagement: Many brands use these hashtags for better consumer engagement. From Onam-special sales to themed product launches, hashtags work as a marketing tool that resonates with the festive spirit of potential consumers.


The significance of Onam hashtag goes beyond mere jargons of social media. They aid in celebrating cultural diversity, promoting unity, and ensuring traditions reach as many people as possible. As we approach Onam 2024, let’s tune into the digital world, share our joy, and revel in the grandeur of Onam through these trending hashtags.

Remember, the key to leveraging these hashtags is to use them smartly and appropriately. Irrespective of whether you are a brand, a digital enthusiast, or someone who simply wants to share their festive spirit, these hashtags can be your guide to navigate the buzzing Onam celebrations in the digital world.

Happy Onam 2024!

Frequently Asked Questions about Onam Hashtags

What are some popular Onam Hashtag for Instagram in 2024?

In 2024, common Onam hashtag for Instagram include #Onam2024, #HappyOnam, #OnamFestival, #OnamCelebration, and #OnamVibes to enhance the reach and visibility of your Onam posts.

How can I use Onam Hashtags on Twitter in 2024 effectively?

Use unique Onam 2024 Twitter hashtags like #OnamTwitter2024, #OnamWishes, or location-based tags like #OnamInKerala. Remember to use relevant, not excessive tags to ensure visibility, not spam.

Can I create my own Onam Hashtags for Instagram and Twitter?

Absolutely! While using popular tags, don’t hesitate to create your own like #OnamAtMyHome2024 to make your content unique and personalized to your own celebrations.

Are there any restrictions on using Onam Hashtags in 2024?

Both Instagram and Twitter restrict the use of excessive, irrelevant hashtags. It’s important to stay relevant, avoid hashtag stuffing, and follow the platform-specific guidelines.

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