Rashmika Mandanna Net Worth 2024: Income, Cars, and Secrets Girlfriend Uncovered

Rashmika Mandanna Net Worth: The film industry is brimming with actors and actresses whose earnings often make the headlines. One such prominent figure is Rashmika Mandanna, an actress known for her substantial income. Today, we’re providing insights into her earnings in the movie business.

In the glamorous world of cinema, it’s well-known that actors and actresses earn substantial sums. Prominent among them is Rashmika Mandanna, an actress whose popularity continues to rise. Today, we’re providing insights into her earnings to appease the curiosity of her fans.

If you follow the film industry, then Rashmika Mandanna is a name you would be very familiar with. Known for her compelling performances, especially in the recent blockbuster, ‘Pushpa’, she has captured a vast fan base.

Given her increased recognition, it’s not surprising that fans are interested in knowing more about Rashmika Mandanna earnings. This article endeavours to provide detailed information about Rashmika Mandanna income. Additionally, it delves into other aspects of Rashmika’s life, including Rashmika net worth.

Rashmika Mandanna income
Rashmika Mandanna income

Who is Rashmika Mandanna?: Rashmika Mandanna Income

Rashmika Mandanna, a renowned Indian actress and model, has showcased her talents in an array of Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Hindi films. Born on April 5, 1996, in Karnataka, she made her cinematic debut in 2016 with the Kannada film, “Kirik Party.”

Following her debut, Rashmika secured opportunities to feature in numerous South Indian films, many of which turned out to be major hits. Due to her remarkable acting prowess, she has received several accolades in the film industry. One of her notable performances includes playing the lead role in the box office hit, “Pushpa The Rise”.

Real NameRashmika Mandanna
ProfessionActress, Model, Influencer
Born5 April 1996
BirthplaceKarnataka, India
Instagram40 Million+ Followers

Rashmika Mandanna Income

Rashmika Mandanna is popular because of her acting and modeling, hence her maximum income comes from acting, social media brand promotion and modeling.

Now if we talk about Rashmika Mandanna Income, then according to reports Rashmika Mandanna earns Rs 60 to 70 lakh every month. On the other hand, if we talk about his annual earning, it is around Rs 8 crore.

Rashmika Mandanna Income60-70 Lakh Per Month
Rashmika Mandanna Yearly IncomeApprox. 8 Crore

Rashmika Mandanna Net Worth

Talking about Rashmika Mandanna Net Worth, according to reports, her Net Worth is around Rs 45 crore.

Rashmika Mandanna Net WorthApprox. 40 Crore

Rashmika Mandanna Per Movie (Fees) Income

Rashmika Mandanna, renowned as one of the highest-paid actresses in the South Indian Film Industry, enjoys a substantial global fanbase. This widespread admiration has piqued the interest of numerous Bollywood directors who wish to cast her in their upcoming projects.

Discussing Rashmika Mandanna’s income per movie, she reportedly receives between Rs 4 to 5 crores per film. This has earned her a place among the highest-paid actresses in the South Film Industry.

Rashmika Mandanna Instagram Income

Rashmika Mandanna is a prolific user of Instagram, where she regularly shares photos and videos with her followers. Currently, she has a massive follower base of over 40 million people.

Rashmika Mandanna Instagram Income
Rashmika Mandanna Instagram Income

Discussing her earnings on Instagram, Rashmika nets about 15 to 20 lakh rupees per brand collaboration. Consequently, she approximately rakes in a monthly income of 30 to 40 lakh rupees from Instagram alone.

Rashmika Mandanna Car Collection

Rashmika Mandanna is an avid car enthusiast, boasting an impressive collection of luxury vehicles. She has reportedly invested her money in acquiring these high-end cars.

Here is a table showcasing the current vehicles in Rashmika Mandanna’s Car Collection:

Rashmika Mandanna Car CollectionEstimated Price in India (INR)
Toyota Innova₹15 lakh – ₹23 lakh
Audi Q3₹28 lakh – ₹38 lakh
Hyundai Creta₹10 lakh – ₹16 lakh
Mercedes Benz C-Class₹40 lakh – ₹65 lakh
Range Rover Sport₹85 lakh – ₹1.5 crore

Rashmika Mandanna House

Just like many other well-known personalities, Rashmika Mandanna owns numerous properties. As per media sources, she has significant investments in housing in Goa, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Coorg, India.

In addition to her other assets, Rashmika Mandanna owns a bungalow in Mumbai, valued at approximately Rs 8 crore.

Rashmika Mandanna Boyfriend

According to media sources, renowned actress Rashmika Mandanna is reportedly in a long-standing relationship with Telugu actor Dheekshith Shetty.

Rashmika Mandanna Interview

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